Smartypants Romance is a collaborative universe whose mission is: 

  1. To be self-sustaining.
  2. To be value added to:
    1. the authors and professionals (support personnel) who are published by/within/work for the SRU,
    2. the Penny Reid Brand, and
    3. the romance community and world at large.
  3. To set an example of best practices, inclusion, representation, professionalism, mentorship, and craft-excellence.
  4. To be drama free and efficient.

If you have any questions, please reach out to the SRU Administrator, Fiona Fischer (smartypantsromance@gmail.com).

  • What is this? Are these books all written by Penny Reid?

    Penny Reid opened up her Universe to allow several different authors to publish stories set there, either new stories about characters readers are already familiar with, or brand new characters. Smartypants Romance is the umbrella under which they are published. The goal is to give Penny Reid’s readership new stories about the worlds/characters they love to read about while also providing a platform for talented authors (as well as mentorship and guidance behind the scenes).

  • Who are these stories about?

    All the stories by Smartypants Romance are new, and they’re either about characters readers are already familiar with, or brand new characters.

  • Why did Penny open up her Universe for collaborative stories?

    In 2017, several authors expressed interest in writing stories for a theoretical “Pennyverse” (Penny Reid’s Universe) in some capacity (whether that be writing a canon story about new characters within the Pennyverse, writing a continuation of a current couple’s story within the Pennyverse, writing a fanfic in an alternate timeline using Pennyverse characters, etc.) We collated the data we received, marinated in it, and created Smartypants Romance,  a small collaborative writing Universe that is indie-minded.

  • How can I write for Smartypants Romance / The Pennyverse?

    We have a submission and vetting process. There will be 2 launches a year with 6-12 books in each launch, written by different authors, but always within the Pennyverse. The submission form is here.