Spring Launch 2021 COVER REVEAL: Street Smart

Feast your eyeballs on this AMAZING cover!!! We are so happy with how the cover for STREET SMART by Aly Stiles turned out. Staci Hart did such a great job capturing the vibe of this good. You are going to LOVE this story!!! And now…for the blurb…*drum roll* ** BLURB ** What could go wrong—four […]

Spring Launch 2021 COVER REVEAL: Weights of Wrath

We are SO EXCITED to reveal the next cover in Spring Launch 2021!! Back with us is veteran Smartypants author M.E. Carter!! She’s releasing WEIGHTS OF WRATH, a surprise pregnancy romantic comedy! This book 4 in the Cipher Office series is coming March 9th to wide retailers (except Amazon) and then releasing into Kindle Unlimited […]

Spring Launch 2021 COVER REVEAL: Under Pressure

We have returned on this, the first Monday in 2021, with another glorious Launch 3 cover reveal!!! Today we have the cover for an ALL NEW SERIES in the Smartypants Romance world…this one is on the Educated Romance side of things (Hypothesis and Dear Professor in the Penny Reid Universe). Allie Winters’s UNDER PRESSURE is […]


Check it out, y’all! Here is the BEAUTIFUL cover for GIVE LOVE A CHAI!! And the amazing blurb! Prepare thyselves, smartypants! Give Love a Chai releases on March 16th to wide retailers (except Amazon) and then releases into Kindle Unlimited on March 18th!! WOOHOO! ** PRE-ORDER LINKS ** Amazon US: https://amzn.to/36ZjKwl Amazon UK: https://amzn.to/3fojKK4 Amazon […]

Spring Launch 2021 COVER REVEAL: Mad About Ewe

We are THRILLED to announce the next title in the Smartypants Romance Spring Launch 2021. MAD ABOUT EWE by Susannah Nix is COMING SOON! We are obsessed with this story and how well it fits in with the smart romance Knitting in the City world. Prepare thyselves for knitters and exciting cameos 😉 ** MAD […]

Spring Launch 2021 COVER REVEAL: The One That I Want

Gaze upon the gloriousness of the cover for THE ONE THAT I WANT by Piper Sheldon Author here and the BLURB!!! You’re going to flip for this one, y’all. We can’t wait to get back to Green Valley!!!! ** THE ONE THAT I WANT by Piper Sheldon will release wide on all retailers excluding Amazon […]


PRESENTING…the Smartypants Romance series…Fighting For Love from Jiffy Kate!!! The Donner Bakery collaborative series is getting a makeover. Karla Sorensen’s books have been pulled out to form their own series (Love at First Sight). NOW Stud Muffin and Beef Cake have been extracted to form the FIGHTING FOR LOVE series. As such, they’re getting new […]

Spring Launch 2021 COVER REVEAL: Dewey Belong Together

Check it out, y’all! We’re revealing the cover and blurb for the upcoming Spring 2021 Launch title, DEWEY BELONG TOGETHER by debut author, Ann Whynot!!! We can’t wait for you to read this book. It’s whip smart and funny but filled with emotion. Ann beautifully handles sensitive topics, and you’re going to want to put […]