Smartypants Romance Series List

Sometimes folks ask where to start on their Smartypants Romance journey. Well, we’ve put together the books by series in publication order. But remember, all books are indeed standalones and can be enjoyed in any order.

Green Valley Chronicles

Green Valley Chronicles: Canon (accepted as fact) and fanfiction (no facts, just fun!) titles chronicling the life and times of characters from the fictional town of Green Valley, TN (and surrounding areas). From Penny Reid’s original series: Winston Brothers, Handcrafted Mysteries, and Good Folk.

Donner Bakery 

Green Valley Library

Park Ranger

Scorned Women Society


Higher Learning

Seduction in the City

Seduction in the City: Canon (accepted as fact) and fanfiction (no facts, just fun!) titles delving into the loves and adventures of characters directly or tangentially related to Penny Reid’s original series: Knitting in the City and Ideal Man.

Cipher Office

Cipher Security

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