We have news! Instead of just announcing that, yes, Karla Sorensen is participating in Spring Launch 2021 (because she totally is)…we wanted to give you a little BONUS announcement and let you know what we’ve been up to…

But first, sad news: Karla Sorensen’s Smartypants Romance books (Baking Me Crazy and Batter of Wits) are leaving the collaborative-author Donner Bakery Series. 🙁

And now, the cool news! The reason Karla’s books are leaving the Donner Bakery series is because THEY ARE BECOMING THEIR OWN SMARTYPANTS ROMANCE SERIES!!! AAAAHHH!!!!! Like a caterpillar leaving its cocoon only to emerge as a stunning butterfly, Karla’s fabulous Smartypants Romance Books will now comprise their own magnificent single-author series entitled, LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT.

Which means:
Baking Me Crazy is now Love at First Sight book #1 (now in KU)
Batter of Wits is now Love at First Sight book #2 (now in KU)
Steal My Magnolia (coming in February 2021) is Love at First Sight book #3 Pre-order here: https://smartypantsromance.com/books/steal-my-magnolia/

… are you finished beholding? Or do you require more time to behold? No rush. Take your time. 😉

Now, this also means the order of the Donner Bakery series has changed. As of right now:
Stud Muffin by Jiffy Kate is now Donner Bakery #1 (though, pppssstttt! spoiler alert, Jiffy Kate’s books also might be busting out of their Donner Bakery soon… more on this in a few weeks!)
No Whisk, No Reward by Ellie Kay is now Donner Bakery #2
Beef Cake by Jiffy Kate is now Donner Bakery #3

See? Cool. You’ll start to see this change reflected on all retailers, the SPRU website, and Goodreads very, very soon.

CONGRATULATIONS KARLA!! We are so honored to work with you and excited by what the future holds.

Some additional details for anyone who wants to know “why” we– in some cases– split apart collaborative-author series: The purpose of Smartypants Romance is, of course, to provide additional Pennyverse content to Reiders. But it is also a incubator for awesome authors, an attempt by Penny + team to lift up and help other authors achieve their career goals. Collaborative-author series (like the Donner Bakery series or the Green Valley Library series) are a great way to give authors the option of dipping their toe in the Pennyverse without the commitment of producing additional books (as would be expected in a single-author series, like April White’s Cipher-Security series or Daisy Prescott’s Park Ranger series as two examples). But if the author decides to stay and continue writing Pennyverse books, SPRU wants to invest in these authors, their goals, and their future stories by carving out their own space/place within the Pennyverse!

Additionally, as an author continues to write books within the Pennyverse, they (naturally) begin to expand the confines of their original book(s), writing outside of the initial framework (in this case, Karla’s future books focus on subjects and peoples not limited to the Donner Bakery). This means keeping her books within the Donner Bakery series no longer makes sense.

And there you have it.

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