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You might be asking yourself, “Self, what the heckerino is Smartypants Romance?”

Well, I’m going to tell you about it…

In 2017, several authors expressed interest in writing stories for a theoretical “Pennyverse” in some capacity (whether that be writing a canon story about new characters within the Pennyverse, writing a continuation of a current couple’s story within the Pennyverse, writing a fanfic in an alternate timeline using Pennyverse characters, etc.) We collated the data we received, marinated in it, and defined a plan of action moving forward.

**What Smartypants Romance Is**
In the simplest terms, Smartypants Romance Universe is a small publisher that is indie-minded. It is a business whose mission is:
–To be self-sustaining
–To be value added to: a) the authors and professionals (support personnel) who are published by/within/work for the SRU, b) the Penny Reid Brand, and c) the romance community and world at large.
–To set an example of best practices, inclusion, representation, professionalism, mentorship, and craft-excellence.
–To be drama free and efficient.

If you’re interested in submitting a proposal to Smartypants Romance for our fourth launch (for release during 2022), we are accepting submissions through November 30th 2020!

Submit your proposal here: https://forms.gle/BwigwVZxaWL4MmMg7

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