My Story of Us: ZACH releases in 1 DAY!

** ONE DAY **

Eeeeep! Your ONE day reminder is here! MY STORY OF US: ZACH by debut author and acclaimed narrator Chris Brinkley -Storyteller release TOMORROW in audio, print, and ebook.
This all-new romantic novella chronicles the journey of love and life in a small-town setting. Written and performed as journal entries, we can’t wait for you to experience the storytelling of Chris Brinkley.

** The audio, ebook, and paperback will release far and wide on June 29th (TOMORROW, FOLKS!). The audiobook will be exclusive to Audible (initially) **

If you’re not into waiting, you can listen as the segments release every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday through June and July over on Patreon:

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Love doesn’t have to be complicated, but sometimes life can get in the way. In his own words, speaking directly to the woman he’s falling for, Zach recounts a story of love and loss, uncertain whether this tale is one that ends in forever, or is ultimately about the woman who got away.

‘My Story of Us: Zach’ is the first narrative in the Story of Us collection, modern love stories written as intimate correspondence from a man to the woman he’s falling for. Written and performed by Chris Brinkley, these stories are best experienced via audio.

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