Oh My Darlin by S.R. Luthy is COMING June 1st!

People! Check it out! Our first EVER fanfic release, ‘Oh My Darlin’ by debut author SR Luthy, is COMING SOON! Like, super soon (JUNE 1st)! On Patreon and the Smartypants Romance website. Check out that glorious bearded cover.

So here’s what we’re doing…Are you on the SPRU and Penny Reid Patreon? GOOD! All patreon tiers will be able to read this new fic for zero monies in installments throughout June and July. Chapters will be posted twice weekly and you can get the full story (all 95k words!!) on Patreon between June 1 and July 31.

But if delayed gratification is not your thing (or you don’t Patreon), you’ll be able to grab S.R. Luthy’s fun new Green Valley fanfic on the Smartypants Romance website starting on June 1st for $2.99! You’ll be able to access it in your preferred format for your e-reader/phone.

Why are we releasing ‘Oh My Darlin’ on our website and not Amazon or other retailers? Well, I’m glad you asked. This story, from a brand new baby author, is FANFIC, not canon-compliant…which means it doesn’t follow the timeline/rules of engagement for the Green Valley World. And it’s not part of the ‘Out of this World’ imprint of non-contemporary genres. So, we didn’t want readers to get confused.

BUT this fic is so fun and we’re ridiculously thrilled to support S.R. Luthy in her burgeoning talent, we wanted a way to make it accessible to Penny Reid Universe readers. Hence the SPRU website option as well as Patreon.

So, get excited for Oh My Darlin’ and the absolutely delightful contemporary romance between Jenna and Eland. Did I mention he’s a sheriff’s deputy in Green Valley? We can’t wait for you to read this one.

Interested in the Patreon option? This is us: https://www.patreon.com/smartypantsromance

Blurb and website option will be up shortly! More soon!

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