Month of Love Letters! Kilby Blades!

Valentine’s Day is COMING, and we’re celebrating with love letters y’all!

Today I’m thrilled to feature Sierra and Forrest from ‘Forrest for the Trees’ by Kilby Blades! Check out this heartfelt love letter between our main characters…


Dear Sierra,

I miss you, girl. You might think I wouldn’t know that, seeing as how I wrote this letter before I even left. I’ll be in the thick of it by now, six states and 2,100 miles away. The thing is, Sierra, I miss you whenever we’re apart, even if it’s just you taking Everest for a walk or me being across town. I’m not just missing you today because it’s Valentine’s Day and we’re apart. I can never be too close to you.

But this time is different, not just because I’ve gone far or because I’ll be gone long—because this is your first time. The first time you had to kiss me goodbye so I could go fight a fire, one of the big, dangerous California ones that are just as wild as they sound. I remember being a kid and watching my own father drive away on trucks and being gone for days when he worked the relief crews. I also remember Momma crying at the kitchen sink.

I wish I could fix this part for you. I’ve done my best to be different. I’m home for dinner nearly every night, which is more than I can say for my brothers. Some part of me is grateful that the job I was born to do finds me out in the park or behind a desk. Fire marshals don’t see much action—we’re the before and after guys. But there will be times—more times like this—when I’ll be called to the ground.

Here’s what you need to know, Sierra. That feeling I had when my dad was gone is the reason why I’ve dedicated my career to innovation, not just to fighting fires but to preventing them. My commitment to that goal doubled after we lost Todd in the field. I didn’t think I could want it any more than I wanted it that day. But then, my resolve tripled. It tripled when I fell in love with you. I don’t have to tell you that I’ll do everything in my power to come home.

I don’t have to tell you that I’ll be careful. And I don’t have to tell you—because you already know—that you are the love of my life. What I will tell you is to not let worry or loss steal your joy. No matter how far away I am from you (and it will never be far) find a way to cherish every moment of your precious life.

All My Love,



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