Month of Love Letters!

Ah, it’s February! The month of love. All throughout February we’ll have Valentine’s Day love letters!

FIRST UP is Nora Everly! We have a sweet love letter between the main characters in Crime and Periodicals, from Dreamy Wyatt to his sweet wife Sabrina.

Check it out!


My Beautiful Sabrina,

I’m on break, sitting at my desk eating one of the chocolate chip cookies you made with Mak and Mel, and wishing I could be with you tonight.

It’s Valentine’s Day and I miss you.

Even though we celebrated last weekend, it wasn’t enough. Every waking moment wouldn’t be enough. I need more.

I used to wonder if real love existed. Then you gave it to me, and I believed.

If you’re reading this you’re sitting on our bed, ready to go to sleep. Before you lie down, check under the pillow. Cupid left a little something for you there.

Happy Valentine’s day. I love you.

Forever yours,



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