Peaches and Dreams is LIVE on AUDIBLE!

Y’all!! It’s here! The Peaches and Dreams AUDIOBOOK is finally LIVE! Juliette Cross, Author‘s latest release in the Green Valley Heroes series is a fantastic, opposites attract, small-town romance. This one is narrated by Chris Brinkley and Lila Winters, and it is SO GOOD.

We can’t wait for you to listen ❤

Audible US: https://bit.ly/3uSXHa1

Audible UK: https://bit.ly/3tpCXpY

Audible FR: https://bit.ly/3uYcMY4

Audible DE: https://bit.ly/3GLrmVe

Audible CA: https://bit.ly/4akj6JG

Audible AU: https://bit.ly/3NpnOMk

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