Chris Brinkley Audio LIVE EARLY!

★ ★Live Early on AUDIO★ ★MY STORY OF US: THOMAS, an all-new unique storytelling experience from acclaimed narrator Chris Brinkley -Storyteller, is LIVE EARLY on Audible! Enjoy Chris’s romantic second-chance novella TODAY! We’ve got your next swoony listen right here! ★ ★Listen on AUDIO★ ★Audible: https://adbl.co/3Qupsfg The e-book and paperback are coming August 23rd!★ ★ […]

Parks and Provocation is LIVE on AUDIO!

★★Live on AUDIO★★⁣⁣Prepare thyselves, audiophiles! ‘Parks and Provocation’ by Juliette Cross, Author is now ALIVE over on Audible. It’ll hang out over there for three months before expanding to the other audio platforms (we’ll keep you posted when that happens). But for now, feel free to get your latest Green Valley AUDIO on ★★Listen on […]

Hotshot and Hospitality is LIVE on Audible!

★ ★LIVE on Audible★ ★‘Hotshot and Hospitality’ by Author Nora Everly is now live on Audible! You can snag your copy far and wide and even put that Audible credit to good use. This swoony small town romance is narrated by Reagan Boggs and Chris Brinkley -Storyteller!!! ★ ★Your copy awaits★ ★Audible US: https://adbl.co/30tPUjJAudible UK: […]

Hotshot and Hospitality is LIVE on AUDIO!

★ ★Now on AUDIO★ ★Well, butter my flapjacks! ‘Hotshot and Hospitality’ by Author Nora Everly is now live on audio! We’re still waiting on Audible but you can grab your copy on Authors Direct TODAY! This swoony small town romance is narrated by Reagan Boggs and Chris Brinkley -Storyteller !!! ★ ★Your copy awaits★ ★https://smartypantsromance.com/…/hotshot-and-hospitality/ […]

Forrest for the Trees in LIVE on AUDIO!

Well, what do we have here?! It the ‘Forrest for the Trees’ AUDIOBOOK!! You can grab your copy on Audible, Authors Direct, Kobo, Apple, Google Play, and Chirp! Enjoy the fantastic narration of Kilby Blades Author’s latest from Chris Brinkley -Storyteller and Eboni Flowers ★ ★Your copy awaits★ ★Audible: https://adbl.co/3m9f6U0Authors Direct: https://bit.ly/3F6baMhApple: https://apple.co/2Y2ayGKKobo: https://bit.ly/3mg7C1lGoogle Play: […]

Upsy Daisy is LIVE on AUDIO!

The time has come!! UPSY DAISY by Chelsie Edwards Writes is ALIVE on Audible (and other retailers)! Grab your copy today! ** Listen to ‘Upsy Daisy’ narrated by Leon Nixon and Mari **Audible: https://adbl.co/3gXMOJkApple Books: https://apple.co/3A6GCI5Google Play: https://bit.ly/3vOyrfSKobo: https://bit.ly/3zKIcyZNook: https://bit.ly/3h6lYjuChirp: https://bit.ly/3j2Xklg **Read the e-book far and wide **https://smartypantsromance.com/books/upsy-daisy/ ** BLURB **College, cookies, capers, Oh my! […]

Street Smart Audiobook is LIVE on select retailers!

Audiobook lovers, REJOICE!! The STREET SMART audiobook is ALIVE on Authors Direct! We’re still waiting patiently (i.e. impatiently) for the other platforms to update, but it should be SOOOON! This book is so FUN and we can’t wait for you to hear it on audio. ** Listen to ‘Street Smart’ by Author Aly Stiles narrated […]

Under Pressure is LIVE on AUDIO!

Good news, audiophiles!! The UNDER PRESSURE audiobook is ALIVE on Audible! That’s right! You can use that credit you’ve been hoarding and get a DELIGHTFUL audiobook, right in your headphones! ** Listen to ‘Under Pressure’ by Allie Winters narrated by Jacob Morgan and Fiona Fischer **Audible US: https://adbl.co/2Rjsf1lAudible UK: https://adbl.co/3ymq51MAudible FR: https://bit.ly/2RRVrfZAudible DE: https://adbl.co/3w52BfnApple: https://apple.co/3y8rJUuAuthors […]

Give Love a Chai is LIVE on AUDIO!

The good news CONTINUES! Give Love a Chai, debut romance from Nanxi Wen, is now live on audiobook through Dreamscape Audio! Exciting times, y’all!!! ** Listen to ‘Give Love a Chai’ by Nanxi Wen narrated by Kelsey Navarro and Benjamin D. Walker **Audible: https://adbl.co/3tlJmNXApple Books: https://apple.co/3mO7mqgGoogle Play: https://bit.ly/3tziZUwNook: https://bit.ly/3sgfOzOKobo: https://bit.ly/3a9kMIvChirp: https://bit.ly/2QnwA2K **Read the e-book in […]

Mad About Ewe is LIVE on AUDIO!

Ahoy, Smartypants! I’m just going to warn you now, we have excellent audiobook news ALL weekend long. First up…From Dreamscape Audio, Mad About Ewe is now ALIVE on AUDIO! Get your headphones ready, people. ** Listen to ‘Mad About Ewe’ by Susannah Nix narrated by Tieran Wilder, Blake Stanton **Audible: https://adbl.co/3sgerRGApple Books: https://apple.co/3ae2BRWGoogle Play: https://bit.ly/3e99ogGNook: […]