Under Pressure is LIVE on AUDIO!

Good news, audiophiles!! The UNDER PRESSURE audiobook is ALIVE on Audible! That’s right! You can use that credit you’ve been hoarding and get a DELIGHTFUL audiobook, right in your headphones! ** Listen to ‘Under Pressure’ by Allie Winters narrated by Jacob Morgan and Fiona Fischer **Audible US: UK: FR: DE: […]

Give Love a Chai is LIVE on AUDIO!

The good news CONTINUES! Give Love a Chai, debut romance from Nanxi Wen, is now live on audiobook through Dreamscape Audio! Exciting times, y’all!!! ** Listen to ‘Give Love a Chai’ by Nanxi Wen narrated by Kelsey Navarro and Benjamin D. Walker **Audible: Books: Play: **Read the e-book in […]

Mad About Ewe is LIVE on AUDIO!

Ahoy, Smartypants! I’m just going to warn you now, we have excellent audiobook news ALL weekend long. First up…From Dreamscape Audio, Mad About Ewe is now ALIVE on AUDIO! Get your headphones ready, people. ** Listen to ‘Mad About Ewe’ by Susannah Nix narrated by Tieran Wilder, Blake Stanton **Audible: Books: Play: […]

Cutie and the Beast is LIVE on AUDIO!

Check it out, audio lovers!! From Tantor Audio, the CUTIE AND THE BEAST audiobook is ALIVE! ** Listen to ‘Cutie and the Beast’ by M.E. Carter narrated by Alex Kydd and Stephanie Rose **Audible: Books: Play: **Read the e-book in Kindle Unlimited ** ** BLURB **Living with her mother […]

Give Love a Chai is LIVE in KU!

** Read in #KindleUnlimited **‘Give Love a Chai’ by Nanxi Wen is finally ALIVE in KU! Have you been patiently waiting? Well, you shall be rewarded. Check out this heartfelt second-chance romance TODAY! ** Read in KU **Amazon US: UK: CA: AU: Print: ** BLURB ** Tia Wang’s Wedding Planning […]